Translation Service For iGaming

Localizing and broadening the reach of your iGaming content is imperative to your business’ success. Learn about our Links777’s high-quality translation services today!

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Translation Service For iGaming

iGaming is a thriving industry with stiff competition. Creating high-quality content to draw in customers is the first step, but perfect translations will dictate your international success. Making just one translation mistake can cost your business thousands!

Thankfully, with the right translation agency, you can provide accurate information in an approachable tone that is still uniquely yours. Plus, you won’t have to worry about staying compliant with local regulations.

At Links777, we work exclusively with native writers in over 20 languages. Our proficiencies enable us to contextualize your content naturally and in an engaging way. Through our thoughtful translations, we draw in a constant stream of potential gaming clients while boosting your credibility and brand loyalty. 

Translation Service For iGaming
iGaming translation

Whether you run an online casino, Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) company, sportsbook business, or eSports group, we provide ready-to-go translations that are accurate, effective, and engaging.

We have worked with over 500 websites to deliver impeccable translations. We employ language specialist search policies, quality assurance, and seamless coordination to deliver your translations with a swift turnaround time.

When you work with Links777 for your iGaming translations, you can reap the following benefits:

If you want to deliver more, sell more, and grow more, Links777 can provide the translation services you need.

iGaming translation

Languages We Translate

Our native translators at Links777 can translate English into over 20 languages. Here are the languages we offer:


English USA


English UK

































Hindi, Bengali


Hindi, Bengali


Types Of Content

We cover multiple types of iGaming translations, including the following.

Localization Of Websites, Apps, & Platforms

We translate your content to ensure that it meets the standards and legal guidelines of your specific targeted location. Our translations consider cultural contexts to avoid offensive or inappropriate content. We also adapt your content to be readable, accurate, and engaging for new audiences.

Legal Content (Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy)

If you need to translate technical documents and require legal expertise, we can translate content like privacy policies, terms and conditions, and other complex materials. Should it be necessary, we can also work closely with the appropriate legal authorities to ensure your translations adhere to government standards.

Mailer Translations For Marketing & CRM

Many iGaming businesses launching their brand in a new market often forget about mailer translations. Fortunately, our process for translating emails is straightforward and deliverable in just a few days. We pay close attention to currency denominations and other subtle elements to ensure complete relevance to your audience.

Landing Pages

Your landing pages should be just as effective locally as they are internationally. Linguistic boundaries don’t have to get in the way of your returns. When translating your landing pages, we have one goal: to keep converting and selling.

Product Descriptions

Selling to international buyers in their language can increase your sales in the long run. We ensure we portray your product correctly and make your descriptions easy to understand. Our product descriptions contain all the necessary information, such as how to use the product, its characteristics, and special features.

How-To Guides

High-quality translations should not be literal – we want to put your product instructionals in the proper context. We want to keep customers who are using your products adequately informed, leaving no room for error.


Most consumers consult customer reviews before trusting a product. As such, we translate your reviews accurately, honestly, and enticingly to keep drawing potential customers in.

Ad Copies

Most ad copies are short and snappy, but this doesn’t mean they are easy to translate! Because you only have so many words to hook your audience in, perfect translations are a must. We make all your headings, subheadings, captions, and alt text reader-friendly for all audiences.

Press Releases

When promoting a new product, inviting the public to a business event, or celebrating an award, you want to ensure you communicate well with stakeholders – both locally and internationally. We guarantee your press releases will have the same impact by researching your target audience, working with industry experts, and localizing your content.


When we provide translations, we can guarantee that you get the most readable, accurate, and effective output – and we have happy customers to vouch for us!

We used to rely on computer-generated translation, which wasn’t just inaccurate but also hurting our brand loyalty! So we stopped cutting corners and decided to work with professional native writers from Links777. Now our business has an impressive reach in at least five other countries.

Gary C.

I thought having bilingual co-workers would make translating our content easier, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Working with industry experts fluent in our target language makes such a difference. Now, we’re able to contextualize our websites for international customers.

Chester L.

I didn’t realize how much high-quality translation would impact my SEO results. The writers at Links777 always use specific and relevant keywords based on research in our target location. Not only do we pull more traffic, but we also avoid dropping our Google ranks!

Dave W.

Selling our iGaming services in other countries has been daunting because we want to ensure people know how to use our products. Thanks to Links777, we don’t have to worry about errors and mistakes. Their translation is 100% accurate and puts our products in the right context.

Carey W.

I was always worried about how long it’d take to translate our websites to another language, but I’m endlessly impressed with how quick the TAT at Links777 is! No matter the project size, we know we can rely on them to deliver every single time.

Antonio S.

We always figured that having a well-written English website would draw traffic anywhere, but I was wrong! Since translating our website into local languages, our traffic has increased threefold, and we’re even getting more sales.

Rohan S.

Why Choose Translation Services By Links777?

With so many translation services available, we want to give you the best reasons to choose Links777. Here are a few reasons our clients choose us over our competitors.

Reach Diverse Audiences With Localization

Just because your business is successful doesn’t mean there is no room to grow. At Links777, we translate your content to extend your reach to a broader audience. Your international readers shouldn’t have to feel like an afterthought, so we guarantee quality that feels precisely like it was written for your target audience.

Generate An Ideal Tone Of Voice

We don’t want to lose your brand voice when we translate your content. As such, the key to excellent output is human translation. After all, humans understand humans best. We always strive to produce recognizable and unique translations of your brand identity.

Get The Best Translations With Native Writers Only (No CAT Tools)

Why risk the inaccuracy of CAT tools when you can get high-quality and accurate translations with Links777? Not only are our native writers fluent in the languages you intend, but they also have a deep understanding of the iGaming industry.

Sell More With Our Translation Services

Customers who relate to your content are more likely to purchase your products and services. Not to mention, high-quality translation helps your website rank, draws in more potential customers, and increases sales over time.


No, we always translate your work directly to ensure accuracy.

Our native writers translate all your content.

We generally translate your content as-is but can make quality changes as necessary.

We offer over 20 languages. Scroll up to see our complete list.

Our TAT will depend on the project size.

Our minimum order size is 500 words.

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